Vintage 2010

The Barossa experienced its best rainfall in five years during the winter and spring of 2009 and provided good soil moisture for the onset of the growing season. The very hot November weather led to low yields, but the growing season then was warm, mild and dry, resulting in good vine health and concentration of wine flavour - another excellent vintage! The 2010 Barossa Shiraz has been universally acclaimed. 

2010 LANZ Wines - Structure and Depth of Fruit!
The purity of fruit, structure and elegance are very impressive and the wines are expected to cellar for at least ten years.

Vintage 2011

Mother nature has a great way of reminding us that winemaking is an agricultural business. The 2011 vintage was both a cooler season and wetter. A cooler summer is not an issue and has resulted in generally excellent white wines but the wet weather did cause botrytis and mildews which slashed yields. Fortunately we picked our reds early and they are showing fresh vibrant fruit characteristics. Although a little less structured and lower in alcohol (around 13 to 13,5%) than other years, the wines have filled out with time in barrel.

2011 LANZ Wines  -   Concentration and Character!

Picking earlier has resulted in lower alcohol and the ripening conditions resulted in attractive savoury and spice notes, perhaps more typical of cooler growing regions than the Barossa.

Generally the 2011 are nicely balanced with softer structure and will be rather earlier drinkers.

Vintage 2012

The combination of good soil moisture and slightly above average Spring temperatures led to good vegetative growth, healthy vines and the potential for an early start to vintage. However, we didn’t need to panic – the mild summer with good even ripening weather, no heat spikes, and only three rain events of more than 3 mm, meant there was plenty of time for flavour accumulation. The ideal weather pattern continued through to after Easter, and although yields were generally below average, quality was excellent. The whites are aromatic and well balanced with good natural acidity and the reds are densely coloured with expressive varietal definition.

2012 LANZ Wines – Elegance and Finesse!

We are excited about the final blends! In this decade we already have two exceptional vintages. Whereas 2010 is all about structure and depth of fruit, the 2012 vintage is a little finer with excellent fruit expression, elegance and finesse coming from a milder summer. You will notice finer grained tannins, a stylish structure and a lingering finish. It is one of the great vintages of our best Shiraz THE GRAND. – You dont have to hurry drinking it. 2012 Shiraz will perfectly cellar!

Vintage 2013

The 2013 vintage strory is all about the dry 2012 winter and spring leading into a warm to hot summer. In the Barossa that always means low yields, exceptional colour, great depth and tannin structure. Vintage started with a rush, as sugar levels jumped, but then settled down and the cool nights prolonged vintage and produced excellent concentration and depth of flavour.

Vintage 2014

Growing season started early after a rather dry winter and spring – yes, we had enough water to keep up soil moist along the way. The heat in January was ended by a very good rain, which pumped life back into the vines and the mild weather after the rain prolongued the ripening period of the grapes perfectly.

2014  LANZ Wines  -  Soft and stylish Elegance!

A terrific result for our reds: Generous, rich, full of fruit and elegant in style – what more could we wish! The varietal aromas clearly define the wines, the soft tannins and long finish put a smile on every face.

Vintage 2015 

Barossa Valley had a vintage in two halves. Winter rainfall was good, but the driest spring since 2006 was followed by only one rainfall event in early January, as well as that month’s lowest mean maximum temperature for 23 years! February then was the opposite, with highest mean max temperatures since 2007. – All varieties ripened rapidly in February placing great pressure on picking and tank space – the sudden rush and hectic of vintage!

Vintage  2016 

Low winter and spring rainfall, followed by a hot spell in mid-December used up a big share of our water reserves. The warm weather continued through January, and the timing for almost 40 mm of rain in late January, early February was perfect. The ripening period then in.February with warm days but slightly cooler than average night temperatures was fantastic! Overall a short, hectic vintage!


2016  LANZ Wines  -  Amazing colour and Intensity! 

Dark, dense, full of flavours – very intense and concentrated wines were the result of the perfect job our vineyard managers had done during the growing season... and we ventured out on a project for a new wine – THE SOLOIST – a very trendy Mataro or Mourvèdre - the so far blending component becomes the leading actor – wow!

Vintage 2017 

Heavy falls of life-giving winter and spring rains replenished ground water and filled soil to full capacity, thus dormancy was extended, budburst occurring a month later than 2016, high yields had to be controlled. Warm, dry weather in February to April meant healthy canopies through and after harvest  – a late vintage at leasurely pace with outstanding quality grapes!