The story of LANZ Vineyards

The Lanz Family started their vineyards in 1998 forming a joint-venture with their long-time friends Thomson as partners. For more than a decade they operated successfully under LanzThomson Vineyards. Then joint decision was taken to go separate ways business-wise: since then, the spin-off of the Lanz Family is operating under the label “LANZ Vineyards”.


Viticulture, vineyard management, winemaking and grape sales are in the hands of Paxton, renown throughout Australia for their professionalism. The quality of the grapes of the so called "Outlook Vineyards" has been upgraded steadily and, together with consultancy of one of the top-clients, has now reached A-grade quality with the main part of its grapes.

The lion share of the grapes is sold to other premium wine producers in the Barossa Valley. The LANZ wines are produced only of a small part of the grapes – the best, of course!