Our Team

“We fell in love with this vast and rugged continent many many years ago, and discovered its high quality wines  – natural, honest, straight-forward, with grace and finesse  -  like the very friendly and welcoming people with their great spirit! -  And it’s fascinating to still be able to feel the pioneer spirit so unique to this continent!”

With our top quality fine wines, we want to meet today’s consumers’ search for savoury and well-balanced wines with moderate alcohol matching today’s eating and health habits. We also feel very committed to all aspects of the environment using all natural resources responsibly.”

“We have a team of very skilled professionals and the vineyard site has perfect growing conditions. If the weather during the vintages is ‘with us’, there must result excellent wines!”


Marianne Herren Lanz, Owner and wine enthusiast



Our goal is to make authentic wines, wines that properly express our vineyard’s terroir and its soul – pure Barossa!  All our efforts aim at one goal: investing into the vineyards and into its management to have the best possible conditions to grow truly premium quality fruit."


Thomas Lanz, Owner and wine enthusiast

The vineyard is planted on a site with the potential for very high quality fruit. The low vigour, low yields and concentrated but elegant flavours are ideal for the savoury style we are chasing. We want the wine to be an expression of the vineyard -  The vineyard in your glass!”

“We have additional wine supplies to blend with and be able to present a quintessential Australian wine at an entry-level price-point maintaining quality and achieving volume.”


Michael Paxton, Winemaker and Viticulture Manager

We pick at the absolute optimum with balance of flavour, beaumé and acid. Then put it into open fermenters, plunge it every day and pump over to temperature controlled fermentation to extracting most flavour, tannins and yet elegance of the wines. - Beautiful rich purple colours, lovely florals in the nose, very consistent quality from the Barossa Valley  -   bloody good, cheers!

Richard Freebairn, Winemaker of Lanz Vineyards

“What a great vineyard – quite SCENIC! Cool sea breezes from the Gulf of St.Vincent combined with high elevation and differentiating aspects enable LANZ Vineyards to produce luxury low yielding parcels of fruit from its red brown soils. The vineyard terroir, that allows for vine balance to be achieved, creates the performance that is required for consistent quality through the vintages.”

David Paxton, Grape growing expert and Consultant